The corset is beautiful garment, which is worn to mould the shape of the torso and enhance the chest, giving a beautiful shape to the body and has traditionally worn by all women. It does not have straps and can be worn as lingerie as well as party wear. A corset helps reduce the fat on the stomach and makes a person look very slim. Whereas a “bustier”, is a tight fitting garment, which was traditionally worn as lingerie, by women. Bustiers do not have straps on the shoulder, similar to corsets. One has to attach the bustier to their back with strings. A bustier is similar to buying a bra; you have to choose the right cup size for it to fit perfectly.

Bustiers are an excellent replacement of strapless bras as they provide very good support to the bust, so that women don’t feel conscious. The bustier fits so perfectly that it supports the chest as well as the stomach. While strapless bras only support the bust, making us feel very uncomfortable. Bustiers can be worn with strapless outfits without any hesitation as you can be sure that you will be very comfortable.

There are a variety of bustiers you can choose from these days. Most of them have ribbons, lace or strings at the back of the lingerie, but now days you have the choice of the lace or strings in front, so that you can adjust as per your liking. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors, materials and designs of bustiers available today. These days a fashionable bustier can be worn as a separate outfit as well. These bustiers have very think cloth at the cups for perfect support.

Before you buy a bustier you should be clear as to what you want. As mentioned earlier bustiers are available as lingerie, fashion apparel, sexy clothing, and so on. For instance, if you want to buy sexy lingerie you have a choice of lace, ribbons, thin material and so on, whereas, if you want to wear a bustier to a party, you have sturdy fashionable ones to choose from. So you need to first decide which occasion you want to wear your bustier to.

Bustiers are available in many kinds of material. For example, you can get a comfortable bustier in cotton or synthetic fabric, which will be perfect to wear under a strapless dress. Light material helps our skin to breathe. They can be very easily cleaned, without any restrictions. Many bustiers have elastic, which is very convenient. With elastic bustiers we don’t have to worry, whether the strap or ribbon will open. It is extremely convenient and comfortable. You should be very careful while maintaining and cleaning your bustiers as they require a lot of care. Bustiers now are a must in a woman’s wardrobe.