After giving birth, many women search in vain for some miracle product to help them look beautiful. For nine months they’ve felt big and unattractive and as soon as the baby is born, it’s time to try to fit back in pre-pregnancy clothes. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to regain your figure, even with the body shaper products available on the market today. What’s missing is the one key factor in beauty that many women ignore: posture.

Posture Changes During Pregnancy

Without proper posture, even the most beautiful woman won’t look as good as she could after giving birth. During pregnancy, your posture changes due to a number of physical changes that naturally occur. Abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the growing baby, which makes them less able to contract normally and keep your lower back properly aligned.

Then, too, hormones play a key role in the changes a pregnant body undergoes. Certain hormones, such as relactin, increase while you’re expecting and cause ligaments and joints to become looser than normal. In response, pregnant women often counteract the increased curve in their lower back by pulling their shoulders back too far and pushing their hips out, creating an even more exaggerated “S” curve.

All of these things are disastrous in terms of posture – and do nothing to help you feel and look better.

The Benefits of Proper Posture

After giving birth, it takes months – sometimes even years – for a woman’s body to get back to its pre-pregnancy shape and balance. Poor posture can make the process of regaining a formerly svelte figure even more difficult.

Just what does proper posture do for a woman? Take a look:

  • Prevents fatigue. It takes less energy to perform a task when the head and shoulders are properly aligned with the spine.
  • Provides balances. Balance is necessary to move gracefully, an essential part of perceived beauty.
  • Makes respiration more efficient by opening up the space necessary for your lungs to work as they were meant to.
  • Flattens your belly and makes you appear to be in better shape.
  • Boosts your confidence, which boosts your self image.
  • Slims your waistline. No more “muffin top” when you’re sitting and standing up straight.
  • Provides a younger appearance. Old people tend to slouch.

With proper posture, your post-pregnancy body will be aligned properly, which provides you with increased mobility, more efficient breathing, increased energy and overall balance – all of which aid your efforts to get back into shape. The end result is that you’re in better overall health and enjoy natural beauty more quickly than if you ignored your posture.

There are lots of shapewear products on the market to help women look better after giving birth – but do any of them address the problem of poor posture? If not, they won’t be as effective as other products that help you achieve proper posture. A body shaper that merely compresses your body is only doing half the job necessary to make you look and feel as beautiful as you should post-pregnancy.